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Some Past Presentations ......


  • March, 2019 Meeting ~ Cutco Programming Team presented:

                 "Case study & discussion on open source (Python)"


                           Presentation & open discussion about why they started an open source initiative and what they have learned so far. 

                    The presentation included a review of why, some helpful resources, and some important lessons learned so far.

                     Q & A followed. ......... View intro & outline ~HERE~ 


  • February, 2019 Meeting ~ Christopher Burns from Gemko presented:

                 SQL & Db2 for IBM i: "Things y’oughta be doing with SQL……but y’aint"


                           Chris gives us a fresh perspective on DB2 & SQL for solving

                            common problems. He discuses what's already on our systems.

                           Various solutions & options using these tools are discussed. ......... View ~HERE~ 


  • October, 2017 Meeting ~ Christopher Burns from Gemko presented:

                 Open Source-titled: "Open Sesame……uh, Open Saskatchewan"

                           Chris takes a comprehensive look at open source; what it is, how to use it,

                           why we should embrace it, etc. & how it relates to the IBM i platform.

                           various solutions & options are discussed. ......... View ~HERE~ 


  • February, 2017 Meeting ~ Jonathan Nichols & Mike Budzich from Gemko presented:


                 "IBM i Data Resiliency “yikes” without Tape!":

                   a brief tour of data backup & recovery from various tape solutions thru

                   today's modern hardware & software solutions, culminating with LaserVault backup

                   solutions & options.  . ......... View ~HERE~ 


  • April, 2016 Meeting ~ Jill Martucci &  Allison Hall of The Bonadio Group presented:

                "Information Security & Technology" -  A look at where we are today in the world of security & 
                 risk management, threats & current preventive capabilities available. . ......... View ~HERE~ 

  • October, 2015 Meeting ~ Chris Burns Sr. presenting:

                "iThink therefore iAccess" -  A comprehensive look at iSeries Access thru the years 
                 And answering the question: "Where do we go from here?". . ......... View ~HERE~  

  • March, 2011 Meeting ~ featured Joe Guleno of IBM presenting:

                "Internal Cloud Computing" - The latest revolutionary concept in computing.
                 A topic that will be touching all of use in the near future.

  • February, 2011 Meeting ~ featured Joe Guleno of IBM presenting:

                     "IBM Storage Solutions".
                     Some new concept in storage, as well as updates & enhancements to existing storage solutions
                      not only for System i but other platforms as well

  • October, 2010 Meeting ~featured Chris Burns, Sr. of GEMKO presenting:

                "Innuendo - The Art of the Sexy Database", a new concept in database design".
                Opening up new possibilities with an entirely new concept in database design
                not only for System i but other platforms as well. ......... View


  • September, 2010 Meeting ~opening meeting featured Steve Fier of IBM.

    Updates on POWER7 Low-end Announcement & Upgrades for 8XX, 520 and 550.. 3-year warranty......... View ~HERE~

  • April, 2010 Meeting ~"POWER7 hardware and i7 updates" by Steve Fier of IBM
    Presentation Overview.....

    1. IBM i7 Overview

    2. IBM i Strategy & Roadmap

    3. Power Your Planet-Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet

  • March, 2010 Meeting ~"RFID Solutions" Presented by Andrew DeVita of Millennium Technologies
    View Presentation ......... ~HERE~
  • September, 2009 Meeting ~"Upgrade to IBM i 6.1" by Steve Fier of IBM
    Presentation & 3 handouts .........(over 50 pages ~ too large for this website.)

    1. Six + Six Reasons to Upgrade to IBM i 6.1

    2. i 6.1 Highlights

    3. The Value of IBM Power Systems

    Click Here for a Summary. Please contact IBM for further details and/or information

  • February, 2009 Meeting ~" Modernization solutions for IBM i applications" presentation by Thomas Herman, of looksoftware.
    View Presentation ......... ~HERE~
  • October, 2008 Meeting ~ "Impact of Imaging" by Rick Jones of GEMKO.
    View "Impact of Imaging" Material ......... ~HERE~
    View Real Vision Brochure ......... ~HERE~
    View Real Vision Spool File System ......... ~HERE~
  • September, 2008 Meeting  ~ "The new OS release V6R1"  by Steve Fier of IBM.
    View DB2_WEBQUERY Material ......... ~HERE~
    View Rational Dev Tools for i5 OS V6R1 ......... ~HERE~
  • March, 2008 Meeting  ~ "Future Proofing Your Business with System i" presentation by Steve Fier of IBM.
    View Presentation Flyer ......... ~HERE~
  • February, 2008 Meeting a presentation on computer security, identity-theft, and deterrents- by Jeffrey Tricoli, special agent of the FBI

  • October, 2007 Meeting  DB2 WebQuery demonstration and overview presentation by Patrick Nip of IBM.
Presentation Handouts:

        -Medium-res (aprx. 4MB)

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