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Welcome to the Webmaster's  Place!

A Message from Your Webmaster

Welcome to our 2021-2022 season!

We're excited to attempt to get back into the swing of things.

We're all hoping for the best outcome for everyone.

Please stay safe & healty during these trying times.

See details on our home page & please stay tuned for new information.


Thank You!!

We look forward to seeing you all in attendance this season as we strive to increase our membership participation,

in order to continue to keep this group relevant & viable & present the latest information in the ever-changing IT industry.


Please browse our schedule & news pages for

updates, news & announcements.


Be sure to check out our sponsor links, Hi-Tech Services, CYBRA on our home page & when you register.  

     We are still looking for additional sponsors. We have surpassed 329,000 hits to our site!!  (That averages out to about 19,000 to 20,000 hits per year) The price to advertise is STILL a bargain, at  $100 per year...mere fractions of a penny per hit. You will be included in the scroll on both our home & registration pages as well as the email newsletter.

     For new advertiser convenience we have added a PDF of the contract.  Just fill in the required fields and send your completed copy along with your check to:

WNY Midrange

Users Group

P.O. Box 881

Williamsville, NY


Please Note:

1. When registering, please refrain from using inaccurate information.

Email addresses & phone numbers are NOT stored online & are only accessible by the host personnel.

This information is secure & used only for verification purposes & delivery of the MUG Newsletter & important user's group information. Please do not leave the company blank. If you are awaiting opportunities, or are retired please insert MUGWNY as the company. The form must be filled out in it's entirety. This is to reduce robo-entries &/or registration spammers.

Thank You for your co-operation!

2. If you aren't receiving email from MUGWNY and would like to.....PLEASE add THIS EMAIL to your
"white list" or filter exceptions list and/or address book to prevent it from being blocked. 

If you are not on our mailing list & wish to be added, wish to add an associate, or you wish to change your contact information......simply contact us with a valid email address.
     As always
, we honor any wishes NOT to be contacted with notices & updates for MUGWNY upcoming events by email. If that's the case, simply reply to the next email you receive with "Please remove me" in the subject line or contact any board member & you will be removed from out mailing list.

3. Once again, Please Note: THIS EMAIL ADDRESS  & add it to your address book.

Thank You.



Past Messages:

**Past Notes from Your Webmaster**

We have had some email problems in the past. We have had a problem knowing whether or not emails are being received. There are various causes attributing to this. Some of the causes include:


 1)  Email addresses changed and not everyone notified of this.

 2)  People change companies and do not notify MUG of their new location.

 3)  Spam filters put MUG mail into Spam folders or block them all together

 4)  System crashes and email are lost.

 5)  Host providers are down and email get lost.

 6)  Firewall's reject some IP addresses associated with email source.

We can all help to try to prevent as much of this as possible in several ways:
If you have any of the above problems, when repaired, contact the webmaster for any updates of mail that may have transpired during that period you email was down.  Check your firewall to see if it will allow MUG news and emails.  Add the appropriate email addresses to your whitelist, as necessary.  If you feel you are not receiving your email from MUG contact the webmaster to check into this for you. Board members should respond to all email so the sender knows you have received it.  If there is no reply within a reasonable amount of time it could be assumed the mail may be lost and maybe should be resent.  I would welcome any other suggestions that might help us in this area and we would be glad to pass them on. Obviously if email is currently down or recipient  can't receive for other reasons they will see this posted on our web site.
Hopefully this and any other suggestions we might receive will help eliminate most of the problems we have had.  As always your suggestions and cooperation are always appreciated.


A copy of these messages will remain permanently on our website for your convenience.

Any technical questions please contact webmaster@hitechservices.com.